The Traditional Market on Your Mobile

Inyinya Grocery App enables you to order groceries, food items and medicines on your mobile phone. It is the traditional open market on your mobile. Think of the normal Derica cup, Paint bucket, Milk cup or Mudu of egusi, rice, beans and tubers of yam you are already used to, you can order any measure or quantity and get it delivered to your door in one hour at little or no delivery charge

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Working With Local Farmer

We source groceries and food items directly from farmers and factories so that we can pass lower prices to our customers

Farm To Doorstep Fresh

Our farm and factory to home commitment ensures we deliver produce and groceries fresh and affordably by eliminating multiple middlemen

Fast Direct Delivery

We use our own dedicated delivery riders to ensure we bring your orders within one hour, no detours


About Inyinya Grocery App

Inyinya Grocery Mobile App is solving the major challenges Nigerian shoppers face in the traditional open market.  The poor hygiene, the long travels, the traffic jams and lack of freshness of the items and huge price variations due to multiple layers of middle men and women


Food you can trust.

We provide quality food that is safe and healthy....

Food Safety -Your safety is paramount

We supervise our supply chain right from the farms so that we can be 100% sure there is no adulteration in any of our food items. For example;

Digging deep and revealing the secrete

Dietary fibre packed Tamba (Finger millet or Eleusine coracana) has 3 times more calcium than milk. Its low containt of lnatural fat(1.9 g) and high containt of Tryptophan, an amino acid that helps in checking the weight of our body by lowering the appetite, has earned Finger millet the super grain status among urbanites around the world as a suitable for weight loss. To order download Inyinya Grocery App on ..

Ethical Food Handling


You can be rest-asured for example, that

  • our melon seed (Egusi) is 100% hand peeled under our supervision so it is not washed with detergent such as Klin or OMO
  • that our palm oil has no Sudan dye or colouraton
  • that the fruits you buy are not forced-ripe with Carbide or any other substance

Food Innovation

We are innovating and bringing to your doorstep some of Nigeria's best kept lifestyle food secretes, such as 

the nutrients-packed, gluten-free, low calory Acha grain (Acha rice, Fonio Millet, Digitaria exilis ) with its popularity rocketing as a super-food that conatin 2 of the most important human survival amino acids,-methionine and cysteine, which are lacking in rice, wheat, maize and other cereals. Acha helps control blood suger.

Download Inyinya Grocery App

Our partnership with best quality millers is a gate way to great prices and lower food cost

Inyinya Grocery is a distribution partner to Kebby State based Lolo Gold Rice. Offering you great quality, freshly-milled, double-sorted and de-stoned parboiled rice. Lolo Gold rice is non-stick and rises to great measure to fill the family, and taste so fresh you can eat it without stew. Order now at reduced prices and free delivery and zero-condition return and refund! Our promise to you.

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